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James and Theo from No Sin Evades His Gaze face The Monolith’s probing questions at Tech Fest 2015

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Ever since breaking out around a year ago, British metal band No Sin Evades His Gaze.have gone from strength to strength, playing across the UK and generally making nuisances of themselves (in the best possible). Their debut album Age Of Sedation got tongues – including our own – wagging, and they’re already hard at work on the follow up.

We sat down with James Denton (vocals) and Theo Harvey (drums) to talk about the ultimate rider, the band’s apparently confusing name, and the virtues of Nickelback.

If you could have a famous person narrate your life, who would you choose?

James: Oh, Boris Johnson, definitely. Come on. (Boris voice) “Right now James is making a sandwich”

Theo: I’d have to say Stephen Hawking for that one

James: That’d be really monotonal and awful

Theo: It’d be great wouldn’t it?

James: “Theo is wanking, again”

Theo: Having the most intelligent man in the world narrate your life. The thing is, it’s the tone of voice. He’s got get a machine to talk for him… Yeah but that’s the great thing about it though

James: That’d be an awful documentary!

Theo: Everyone would be able to understand it

James: I would not watch that documentary

Theo: Everyone would be able to understand it

James: “Welcome to Theo’s life, narrated by Stephen Hawking”

Theo: “He is a massive prick. Chapter 1”

James: It’d be awful, awful.

If you could request anything on a rider, what would it be?

Theo: Anything?


Theo: Oh shit, that’s a tough one.

James: I’m gonna say my predicted answer, lots of drugs (laughs). A massive mountain of cocaine would be amazing and erm, what else?

Theo: Literally anything?

Literally anything

Theo: Literally anything? A genie that would grant me unlimited wishes. That’d be pretty cool. And the power of invisibility.

I don’t think that’s possible, that’s the thing

Theo: Oh does it have to be, fit within the realms of…

Well yeah, as in like, you’re Metallica now

James: Oh ok, I want a small island in the Bahamas with my own name. The Denton islands. That’d be cool.

Theo: I’d ask for a Boeing 747 filled with protein powder.

James: Theo the ridiculously overly-alpha male.

Theo: And my own private gym at the festival.

James: Oh I’d quite like a gym, can I use your gym?

Theo: Yeah, just you though.

The No Sin gym?

James: No gym evades his gains. That’s the one.

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Photo credit: Jo Moolenschot

Which celebrity would you like to be stuck in a lift with?

James: Stephen Fry. Or Boris Johnson. My answer to all the questions is Boris Johnson (laughs).

Theo: I’d say Cameron Diaz.

Ok, fair enough!

Theo: I’m sorry Leah!

James: Wow. He’s got a girlfriend!

Theo: Yeah… (laughs)

What is the scariest thing that you’ve ever done, or has ever happened to you?

James: Oh man.

Theo: The scariest thing I’ve ever done?

James: I stayed awake for 5 days and hallucinated a weird spider crawling across my desk. That was pretty weird. It was like,translucent and shit, it was pretty scary.

Theo: I’m just trying to think, what is the scariest thing? Probably jumping out of a plane.

James: It’s a bit of a tragedy you landed the right way.

Theo: I mean, the world would have been a better place if my parachute hadn’t opened.

James: Bloodlock…Bloodlock?! Bloodlock is a new festival! (laughs) Bloodstock 2014 was quite scary.

Theo: That was scary.

James: It was pretty scary for me.

Theo: It was like our second show.

James: Yeah I was quite scared of that.


James: Go for the serious answer.

Nah that’s fine. It’s quite a serious question, I’ve had some strange ones. Which Nickelback song would you cover?

Theo/James: Oooooooh!

James: You’ve just found the 2 biggest Nickelback fans at the whole fucking festival!

Theo: We’ll have to properly think about this, what one would we cover?

James: Oh this is so, I mean.

Theo: I know. “Burn It To The Ground“?

James: “Burn It To The Ground“, maybe?

Because Of You“?

Theo: “Open your Mouth”?

James: No, maybe “Something In Your Mouth“. I’d feel that. Should we pick a new one or an old one?

Theo: “She Keeps Me Up“?

James: No it has to be a better one than that. I would probably cover “Gotta Get Me Some“?

Theo: Yeah, that is a good one. Or “Next Go Round“? We just like Nickelback

So far the standard answer has been “none of them”


James: You know what, fuck you all. Nickelback are an amazing band!

Theo: Yeah fuck you guys, we love Nickelback!

What is the least accurate thing you’ve ever read about your band?

Theo: (Giggles like a schoolgirl) The name. Definitely the name.

James: Oh yeah, the name gets confused quite a lot.

Theo: We’ve had “No Sin” and “Evades his Gaze”.

James: Oh yeah!

Theo: Two separate bands on the bill.

James: Yeah! We were billed as two separate bands.


Theo: Yeah man! How amazing is that?

James: We went to the venue and it was just like “No Sin are supported by Evades His Gaze”. We were considering coming out and playing as No Sin, and then playing a jazz funk fusion set as Evades His Gaze.

Theo: Yeah.

James: Yeah, the name though. No Sin Escapes His Gaze…

Theo: The most common one is No Sins Evade His Gaze.

James: Yeah, No Sins! Which is completely wrong.

Theo: We’re NO SIN! Single!

James: Singular!

So, what inspired the name?

James: It’s from Bioshock Infinite.

Theo: Have you played Infinite?

Yeah, I love that game.

James: Well, you should know, you should be ashamed of yourself! (laughs)

Theo: The guy with a massive megahorn and ears?

OH! Yeah.

James: Towards the end when you’re with Elizabeth and the shattered dimensions and you see one of them sat on the floor in the middle of a room and on the wall is painted “No Sin Evades His Gaze.”


James: See! Now he gets it! (laughs)

Yep, there you go. Just needed a boost. Nice! What’s the worst place you’ve been sick?


James: I was on the way back from town after I got a little drunk and I was in a taxi. I didn’t want to vomit all over his taxi, but I knew I was going to be sick imminently, so I opened up my own jacket pocket and vomited into it, and waited until I got home.

Theo: (bursts out laughing)

James: There was bits of food and all sorts of horrible stuff in there. It was nasty.

Theo: I’ve never heard that story before!

What would be the title of your autobiography?

James: “James: What A Wanker.”

Theo: “Theo: Enjoys Wooden Circles & Sticks”

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Photo credit: Jo Moolenschot

What do blind people dream about?

James: Red. (pause) I’d imagine that blind people would see something inside their own head. I’m not sure what colour it would be, but there’d be something.

Theo: Errr, I’m gonna go with your answer.

What’s the craziest conspiracy theory you’ve ever heard?

James: Where’s Kev for this question?

Theo: Yeah, we need Kev for this one! I think the craziest conspiracy theory that I’ve heard was the one about the Olympic Games of 2012, where there was some stupid thing about cards – there was this prediction on the cards that were made in like the 1990s that saw Big Ben exploding and stuff like that. Basically, there was a theory that the Olympic Games was just a massive conspiracy to blow up London. And it never happened. Obviously. That’s the dumbest one I’ve heard.

James: Oh man, I’ve got a much better one than that…Christianity!

Theo: Yeah, religion in general.

James: Christianity has to be the biggest conspiracy theory to ever happen, ever!

Theo: Religion in general?

James: Organized religion in general, yeah.

Theo: My imaginary friend is better than yours!

James: Yeah, pretty much.

What’s your favourite joke?

James: What is the difference…

Theo: NO! NO! NO!

James: Please write this down: what is the difference between an Ethiopian child and a pair of jeans?

Go on.

James: A pair of jeans only has one fly in it.

(Theo laughs)

Theo: I’m not even gonna try and top that.

James: Please write that down as quote with my name next to it.

I will do, that’s not the worst joke I’ve heard today though.

James: No? It’s pretty bad!

What’s the worst and best thing about the internet?

James: Porn and porn.

Theo: Serious answer. I think the worst thing is how easy it allows people to fuck someone over and ruin their lives. Like, it only takes a second.

James: Everyone’s so ballsy online man.

Theo: Yeah.

James: The internet is the only place where white people have the “courage” to say the word nigger. You would NEVER walk down the street and call someone that casually.

Theo: I think it’s really easy to give people shit online and make them feel like absolute crap.

James: Yeah.

Theo: Whereas if you actually saw them in person, you’d be like “Oh my God”.

James: It’s easier when you don’t have to face them.

Theo: Yeah, it is. The best thing about it is just the fact that its levelled the industry.

James: It’s why we’re standing here.

Theo: It’s made the music industry easier in terms of putting music out there and being able to spread it to tons of people via the internet, just by sitting at a computer. It’s revolutionised it.

James: It connects people.

Theo: For people who don’t care about money, it has made spreading your music infinitely easier. That’s the best thing about it, in terms of music, anyway.

Absolutely. Now, let’s wrap up with the two most important questions you’ve ever been asked, and ever will be asked. Who has got the band MILF?

(Theo and James look at each other)

Theo: I swear to God if you say my mum…


James: Right, I’m gonna go through ‘em! I’ve never met Kev’s mum. Dan’s mum is lovely, but she’s quite old. I’m clearly not going to say I’d fuck my own mum. And I’ve never met Moat’s mum! Which..honestly.. (laughs) I have to say your mum, by the process of elimination.

(Theo gives James an angry stare)

James: I wouldn’t fuck your mum!

Theo: What’s the procedure if I hit him? Do you just put in brackets “Theo hits James”?



James: I’ve only met Dan’s mum and she’s older than your mum so clearly I’m going to pick yours! I’m not gonna say my own mum! By the process of elimation

(To Theo) How does his mum rate? (Gestures to James)

James: Be careful, be VERY careful Theo.


Theo: She’s…niiice…on the inside.

(I laugh loudly. They playfight for a bit.)

Theo: She’s got a nice heart. Y’know…err….that’s all I’ll say.

James: I’d lick his mum’s arsehole and cum on her face.

(Louder laughter)


There you go!

James: She’d gargle that shit.


Theo: I can’t, I can’t, I can’t say what I wanna say. It’d be really insulting and you will hit me. I can’t say it, I can’t.

Ok, last one. How would you prepare a toddler to be cooked?

Theo: To be cooked?! (laughs) I’d just put it on a rotisserie.

James: I’d sit him down and be like “Timothy, you’ve lived a long and fruitful life. No, Timothy, stop crying, listen, I’m trying to tell you something, stop crying Timothy. TIMOTHY!”


James: How do you prepare a child to be cooked? You tell it, in no uncertain terms that life is beautiful and it has to die.

Theo: But it’ll run away!

James: You say “Timothy, I’m so sorry.”

Theo: Make it yelp a little bit.

James: And then you cry while you eat it because Timothy was a beautiful boy with a bright future.

Theo: But I’m sure it’ll taste very good.

Thanks for playing guys!

Theo/James: Thanks, it was fun!

Keep an eye our for more on their forthcoming album in the coming months. Their next show is this Sunday at the Fighting Cocks in Kingston supporting Monuments. For more details, visit their Facebook page here.

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