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Intervals 2016

On their recent support slots with Animals As Leaders, Intervals main man Aaron Marshall and Plini swapped duties as second guitarists for each others’ sets. All three bands stopped by UK Tech Fest on the Friday, playing the Carillion Guitars Main Stage, but earlier in the day we spoke to Aaron about peeing with Deftones, America’s butthole, and watching Ron Jeremy serenade women with a harmonica…

This is Aaron Marshall of Intervals. I’m the lead guitarist and composer. I’ve been probed for an interesting fact, so now you know that I’m a big fan of battle rap (laughs)

Who should be the next British Prime Minister?

MacCauley Culkin.


Don’t ask for more information, I have no reason or recourse. It was just the first name that came into my head. (laughs)

(laughs) Perfect!

The Party Monster himself!

Best thing about being in a band?

Seeing planet Earth.

Worst thing?

Job security

Craziest thing?

Befriending your idols and travelling the globe with them.

Best tour story?

Erm, I’m trying not to get anyone in trouble..

That’s boring!

Oh, that’s boring? (Laughs) I watched a member of the [Tech Fest] listener bases’ favourite prog metal bands pee on a member of his crew outside of a club in New York City. The bouncer was not happy with that situation at all, and everyone got piss on them.  We were outside the club hanging with a member of Deftones and a lot of that particular camp were very uncomfortable with the scenario – I’m beating around the bush a lot because I can’t say who it was! But let’s just say, imagine a member of your favourite prog bands peeing on another individual because he’s had so much to drink, in New York City, a bouncer now wants to fight him and the singer of said band is a very muscular, good looking dude who diffused the situation in a very classy way, and then realised that all of this happened in front of a member of Deftones and they just freaked out and ran in all directions. I could be way more specific than that obviously, but life on the road is….fucked (laughs).

I’m sure someone could put it all together! Worst tour story?

My front of house engineer on the last tour almost punched out a venue owner because we got there and it wasn’t even fit to hold a fucking bingo meeting, and then their system blew up before I even went on stage. There was a debate about who was going to cover the cost of this, and there was a Mexican stand off at 2am that resulted in my friend almost knocking this guy out.

And that’s my worst tour story because I don’t fuck with negativity, and I don’t fuck with fighting and I just hate being around situations like that. I will say it happened in Reno, which is where depression goes to commit suicide. That is the worst place in the…Reno is America’s butthole. The city that wishes it was all kind of things that it wasn’t. It’s suicide personified.

Intervals UK Tech Fest 2016 - Aaron Marshall 01 - Evie Murphy

Aaron Marshall. Photo by Evie Murphy

Craziest tour story?

We met Ron Jeremy after a show recently. He was playing harmonica trying to pick up moms. That was fire, man. He’s there every night apparently, if you go to the Rainbow club on Sunset Strip he’s just there with a harmonica blowing his brains out. Ron Jeremy is narcoleptic – fun fact! (Laughs).

Did you talk to him?

Yeah man, we were literally chanting Ron from across the street! He was trying to pick up some dude’s mom with this harmonica, it was hilarious. Best guy 2k16. I don’t know if that’s crazy, but it’s a good one! (laughs).

That’s amazing. Alright, you have to trade a member of your band for a famous actor, who would you trade, and for who?

Well, it’s really just me isn’t it?

One of your secondary members.

Ah ok, cool!

I don’t want to get him in trouble, but Plini already said he’d trade you.

He’d trade me? Fire! Who for?

Jared Leto.

Plini would trade me for Jared Leto? That’s dope as fuck! Alright, sick! I got this. I could just straight rebut that with “I’d trade Plini for XYZ”, but I honestly just like keeping him around……………..Na! He’s getting traded! (laughs)

Famous actor? Well, I’ve already got Seth Rogen on bass (laughs). I’d trade Plini for Steve Carrell. He’d be awkward on stage, but he’d be awesome to have around! Love to crack open a few beers with him on the bus. Fuck guitar playing, it’s all about what happens after man!

Song association! Funeral?

Fuck! Depressing! (Laughs)…”Another One Bites The Dust“. It’s cliche, but just super funny to me. Comedic and morbid irony are really funny to me.


Welcome To The Jungle” (laughs)


I Go Hard In The Motherfucking Paint“. Just because it’s tacky and that’s sick, and just holding a bottle, being carried on someone’s shoulders (laughs).


What makes me happy? I don’t know…I don’t know why this isn’t happening for me. This shouldn’t be that hard for me… “Exhumation of Virginia Madsen” by Strung Out.


You Shouldn’t Be Alive” by Ion Dissonance.


I don’t know man. I don’t fuck with sad music. Who would write sad music? (Laughs). Probably a Drake song, something from the new record, what the hell’s that song called? (Looks it up on his phone). “Keep The Family Close“. That’s a sad tune.


The Mother We Share” – Chvrches


Oh shit….this is what I should have been doing the whole time, just cruising my playlist. Could be an Ion Dissonance song, their music is just fucking vicious. “Machine Gun” by Noisea.


Paper Moon” by Plini. Shit is epic as balls. I love to play that song!

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