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Tech Fest wet dream: Monuments and SikTh headlining Saturday and Sunday nights respectively

UK tech Fest 2014 final lineup poster sikth

And so we come to the big announcement for the fast-approaching UK Tech Fest line-up, and it’s a doozy: as has been hoped for, prayed upon, and pretty much expected by most of the Tech Fest community (as we would like to consider ourselves; so friendly is the bunch that attend), UK tech metal legends SikTh have been announced as Sunday night headliners for this year’s relocated Newark edition of the festival, which is now in its third year.

By all accounts, the band played a triumphant set on Saturday at Download festival, one of only two festival appearances for which they had so far been booked (the other being October’s Euroblast), but with that out of the way, UKTMF’s organisers were free to unleash the metaphorical kraken, and so they have.

Not only that, but Monuments will also return to take a more commanding role, up from last year’s Early-bird Thursday headline slot, and will be causing groove-related riots across the ground on Saturday night. With new album The Amanuensis on the horizon, and earning rave reviews (not just our own), their set will likely be a highlight of the festival. New(ish) frontman Chris Barretto will continue the fine form that he and the rest of the band were in at their recent Hatfield show, and new tracks like “Origin Of Escape” and “Atlas” will give everyone something to go nutty over.

What’s more (yes, there’s more), a sneaky final main act has snuck in, in the form of guitar virtuoso Jon Gomm. Gomm creates beautiful rhythmic soundscapes (in keeping with the festival’s theme), but generally on acoustic guitar, and on his own. Chances are you’ve heard of him, but if not, here he is playing “Passionflower“, which is a great showcase of his skill: utilising pedals, physical techniques such as using the body of his guitar as percussion and the tuning pegs as a slide effect, and all while singing. Jesus man, be less good, would you?!

This is a very welcome surprise, and really, don’t miss this!

The only thing left for Tech Fest to announce now are the after parties and workshops, which promise to be just as much fun as the main stage events.

Good job Tech Fest. Hope to see a lot of you there?