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Tentacles and lingeries aplenty in the new “Singularity” video

Tesseract Altered State video cap

It’s no secret that a few of us are pretty stoked on the new TesseracT record Altered State. Neotenic gave it a glowing review a couple of weeks back, and then we both saw them live with The Algorithm and Enochian Theory, and I was pretty appreciative of that, so it’s fair to say that the new video for the lead single “Singularity” was going to get at least a cursory view.

It’s an odd one, to say the least. The pretty lady in hot-rod red lingerie certainly got my attention, but after a phone conversation with an unknown caller, things get kinda weird in the bathroom department, smoke machines seem to get her a bit restless as she rolls around on a bed, and it’s all edging towards some disconcerting Japanese tentacle porn territory by the end, at which point I’m pretty sure she’s up the duff with some sort of octo-baby. Doctor Octopus is conceived, it seems.

So yeah, not sure about this one. All that aside (it doesn’t bother me either way), not a lot really happens, so it’s mostly just a lady caressing herself in her knickers. Not that I’m complaining, but Squidward’s cameo does make for an awkward boner, and it doesn’t really hold my attention as well as if I were fourteen and hadn’t yet found that Anne Summers catalogue in a hedge somewhere.

Anyway, this is all in celebration of the album’s release, which happened yesterday in Europe and today in North America through Century Media Records, so if you haven’t heard it in full yet, get on that, because it’s a fricking stellar record, new vocalist Ashe O’Hara is immense, and you owe it to yourself to give it a new home. Tentacles Jnr. ain’t gonna feed himself now!

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