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TesseracT Will Release A Short Film To Augment Their New Album


There are very few new albums on the horizon that have people drooling as much as the prospect of a new TesseracT record. The band’s troubles have been well documented, but now the release date of their second full length Altered State is creeping ever closer. This will be their first release with new vocalist Ashe O’Hara, who judging by the clips released thus far seems to be a great fit for the band, perhaps even good enough to keep the Dan Tompkins fans placated. O’Hara and the band seem to have struck up a great relationship, so let’s hope this continues to last past the release of Altered State and a tour cycle.

We wrote about previously how Altered State is set to be one 51 minute song – though it will be split into four tracks for convenience, this is a record that is meant to be absorbed in a single listen. Well, now the band have revealed that their may be another reason to keep you staring at a screen while you consume their music as they will be releasing a 51 minute long short film to coincide with it. There’s no word just yet on how this will be distributed, whether it will come as a DVD in a bonus edition of the album or if it’ll just be uploaded online for anyone to access if they so choose. It’s certainly an ambitious idea, and one that is very time consuming from a creative perspective, so even if it fails to connect with the audience it’s a very admirable idea to attempt.

TesseracT are a band that have done remarkably well considering all of their setbacks and their way of approaching the release of Altered State significantly demonstrates how seriously they take their craft. While I am by no means their biggest fan, I am pretty interested in hearing Altered State and I hope it’s a success for them. Even more so now with the talk of this animation. No word on how this animation will be presented and what style it will be in. This is a slight tangent, but what with the recent animated videos for Meshuggah and Steven Wilson, I would love to see someone make a music video with one of the best animators in the world, Adam Elliot from Australia. His debut full length feature Mary & Max from 2008 is my favourite animated film of all time.

Anyway, TesseracT will be releasing Altered State on May 27th via Century Media Records.

What do you guys think? Are you excited for new TesseracT? What do you think of their new vocalist? Would you sit and watch a 51 minute short film to coincide with the music? What style of animation would you like to see it use? Sound off in the comments!

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