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Jochem Jacobs Textures

Sad news for Textures fans: the band has announced the departure of guitarist Jochem Jacobs. A founding member, Jacobs has been a key part of the band, particularly in the studio, where he handles producer duties. After releasing their breakout record Silhouettes in 2008, and seeing their largest success up to that point, the band was shaken when two members left in quick succession.

Singer Eric Kalsbeek and keyboardist Richard Rietdijk were replaced surprisingly quickly, and the band rebounded in astonishing fashion when they released 2011’s Dualism on Nuclear Blast Records. The success of that album led to some of the band’s most high-profile tours and world-wide recognition. It seems puzzling that Jochems would leave at this time, amidst what may very well be the band’s most successful period, but his reasoning appears to be of a personal nature. Regarding his decision to leave, Jacobs states:

[quote-symbol symbol1]Strange as it may sound, my priorities changed gradually during the years…
Now the time has come for me to start doing more other stuff.
There are so many things in life that gives me goosebumps!

Textures purists can take solace in the fact that it appears the band intends to continue to have Jacobs produce their records, and there doesn’t appear to be any hard feelings. They are currently seeking his replacement.

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