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Apart from a compilation released last year through Basick Records, UK mathcore band The Arusha Accord have been pretty quiet in the past few years. Their debut album The Echo Verses came out in 2009, and they’ve not toured since 2010, so that they’re definitely, 100% writing a new album is great news!

The band have just released this new video showcasing some of the riffs, being played who I believe is guitarist James Clayton. It’s pretty technical stuff, and they’re renowned for making it difficult for themselves, so we don’t expect this to be a quick process. It’s sounding good so far though (bearing in mind it’s being played through a pod, with midi bass and dfh superior drums, and a midi synth), and it’s always cool to see a sneak peek into the writing/draft process of technical music.

They had this to say:

There’s a lot being written, and being thrown back and forth in the band inbox. Things are piecing together but it’d be mean to show you any more at this stage. Cheers for the continued support and enthusiasm. This next record is already something very special to us.

More when we have it!