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Beastwars’ new album Blood Becomes Fire is a killer dose of sludge!

Beast Wars - Blood Becomes Fire

Beastwars are a sludge metal band from New Zealand that are currently unsigned. Normally this would stop a lesser band in their tracks, but somehow the riffing rockers managed to break into the national charts, though not just break, but absolutely destroy, by smashing their way to the number two spot, which is an astonishing achievement for an unsigned and unsupported band. Their new album, Blood Becomes Fire was released just a couple of weeks ago, but that hasn’t stopped them dominating locally.

While they have indeed done tremendous business regionally, they are still a relatively unknown property on the international stage, which is frankly, criminal. Blood Becomes Fire is a great heavy throwback to a simpler time of doom metal; channelling the sonic power of the roots from the genre and fusing it with a strong dose of crust. Black Sabbath have never sounded this ugly, or heavy for that matter. Blood Becomes Fire is a destructively heavy album.

On top of that, Beastwars have managed to craft a production style that perfectly complements and augments their music style. These sludge metal mongrels are incredibly scrappy, yet their music is deceptively refined. They’re a nightmarish mix of Neurosis, Kyuss and the mighty Godflesh, all while still bearing enough of their original stoner/doom roots. If that doesn’t sell you on Blood Becomes Fire, we’re not sure what will!

It’s rare for an unsigned and relatively unknown band to achieve this much success so early in their careers, but Beastwars have managed it. Blood Becomes Fire is available via their Bandcamp for a paltry $9 which you should most certainly purchase. Right now. Don’t worry, we’ll wait. Done it? Why not?! Oh, you have? Oh, good. Moving on…

Beastwars have managed to become true hallmarks within their genre at such a young age, which as we’ve said before is a truly impressive feat, and their professionalism will take them far (another similar young and unsigned band making waves is the Canadian instrumental project Intervals).

It’s likely that this latest development for the band will see them generate interest for a while host of labels and companies, so we’d expect their unsigned status to change pretty soon. Make sure to check out the album streaming below and help support this excellent sludge act.

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