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Mathematical acrobatics incoming as The Crinn announce new album is not far off


American mathcore/tech grind band The Crinn have finally announced a release date for their second full length album Shadowbreather. For those not familiar with the band (and given that the band only have 2080 followers on Facebook, there’s a lot of you), they started releasing music in 2006 with their debut EP Kills Curiositythey’ve been doing their own thing since then, releasing consistently fantastic music.

That first EP is like The Blood Brothers making tech grind. If that sounds too good to be true just check it out; the fact that those five songs (and one 24-second interlude) are the only thing The Crinn made with that vocalist is as sad as that EP is so good. Their newer vocalist John Nelson did a great job on both the self titled EP and The Crinn’s magnum opus Dreaming Saturn (seriously, if you like tech metal and you haven’t heard this, go for it right now) however, but that first EP is truly one of a kind. If it isn’t, let me know because I need more.

Nelson was good on the self titled EP, then much better on Dreaming Saturn, stepping his game up along with the rest of the band, and it sounds like he’s improved even more from what has been released from Shadowbreather so far. The music is more streamlined and controlled but it’s still pretty damn crazy so if that’s your cup of tea, The Crinn has a whole kettle waiting for you at their Bandcamp page where you can also pre-order the new album.

Shadowbreather will be released digitally on April 28th, with a vinyl release later if there’s enough interest, so definitely pre-order a few digital copies to give to your friends.

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