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The Devil's Blood

This will be a short post as there really isn’t much information available currently and the headline explains all you need to know. Yesterday, The Mars Volta called it quits and today The Devil’s Blood are officially packing it in. What might be seen as odd though is the sheer abruptness of their message. When a band beloved by many break up there is usually a long message or an explanation to be found, usually accompanied with thanks and apologies, however The Devil’s Blood merely posted a short message essentially saying they’re done, all plans are cancelled and no interviews will be conducted.

Well, that’s that then.

The Devil’s Blood were a great occult rock band from the Netherlands formed in 2006. They released two albums during their short career released through European label VAN Records, though their second album was handled stateside by Metal Blade. They took their band name from the Watain song “Devil’s Blood” so it was most fitting that they toured North America with In Solitude, Watain and Behemoth on last year’s excellent Decibel Magazine Tour. I attended the Toronto date of this show and The Devil’s Blood were a very impressive live act, held together with incredibly strong songwriting precision courtesy of lead guitarist Selim Lemouchi. I was lucky enough to witness their musical prowess a second time at last year’s Maryland Death Fest as well.

To the fans of The Devil’s Blood that unfortunately didn’t get to see them live before this sad day I am sorry, because they were an unmissable band.

The occult rock scene has had a resurgence of late ever since Ghost skyrocketed to success, so it’s a real shame to have to bid goodbye to one of the shining stars of a congested and rapidly growing stale scene. Hopefully we’ll find out more information on the band’s split, but until then, we at The Monolith would like to thank The Devil’s Blood for their music and bid them luck and success on all of their future endeavours!

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