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The Devil's Blood

Two weeks ago now, The Devil’s Blood made the surprising and sudden announcement that they were breaking up. They did it in such a way that provided very little information as to why. It’s true that mystery is not something new to the band as it is part of their occult rock appeal, but still fans felt like they deserved to know why. They have recently made a new Facebook post, announcing that they will be releasing a new album as well as a whole bunch of extra tidbits.

1. III: Tabula Rasa or Death And The Seven Pillars
A new, full length album with 7 new songs, for which only demos were made. Originally intended for a winter 2013 release. Artwork by Manuel Tinnemans

2. 66:2
An acoustic EP with one new piece of music and two covers. Studio recordings unfinished. Originally intended for a release at Roadburn 2013. Artwork TBA.

3. A live DVD. Not yet edited or mixed. Originally intended for a release somewhere 2013/2014

4. Several live recordings. Not yet edited or mixed. Originally intended for use as live records, B-sides, and compilation material.

So, not quite a break-up then? The cynical among you may be forgiven for thinking that this is a pretty strange series of events. While it’s highly plausible that something personal and vast could have unfolded between the band, causing them to fold on less than amicable circumstances, and the label are merely trying to get a return on their investment by releasing incomplete work. OR, it’s a band deciding that they could make more money releasing music instead of touring, and perpetuating their image through a series of mysticism and intrigue.

While it’s more likely the former, part of me is inclined to unfortunately believe it’s the latter. It is becoming increasingly difficult to make a living in this industry and it’s certainly plausible that the self proclaimed “frontman” Selim Lemouchi could leave and join a bigger, more established act, whilst also making money from some unfinished product that fans of The Devil’s Blood will most certainly snap up due to the likelihood of the band never producing anything else.

We’ll see if anything surfaces when the few most likely obscure and “mysterious” interviews appear.

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