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Our news feeds were filled with a whole bunch of news relating to The Dillinger Escape Plan late last week, so we figured it would be right to collate them all in one easily digestible place.

New album/deal with Sumerian Records

The most pertinent is that the New Jerseyan mathcore quintet have inked a distribution deal with Sumerian Records for their next album – the follow up to 2010′s Option Paralysis. Whatever your thoughts on that release (it drew ire from some – possibly from the same Calculating Infinity purists that every non-Calculating Infinity release since has drawn – and the usual adoration from others), a new DEP album is always an interesting prospect.

Option Paralysis was released via French label Season Of Mist in what was a similar deal to this Sumerian one, as far as we can tell – that is to say, the album was put out via Dillinger’s own imprint Party Smasher, and then utilised the label’s resources to distribute.

The announcement was made via the following video, released on Sumerian Records’ YouTube channel, and indicates a spring 2013 release date for the as-yet untitled record.

Dillinger drummers past and present jam

This is sort of non-news, sort of speculation, but bassist Liam Wilson tweeted this picture of past Dillinger drummer Gil Sharone and current skinsman Billy Rymer jamming together. With the above news that a new album is in the works, there’s a possibility that the former will be appearing – but also not, obviously. I assume they’re still great friends or whatever.

Greg joins Deftones on stage

The Deftones/Dillinger Escape Plan tour of spring last year was one of the biggest of the year without a doubt, and so it shouldn’t surprise that the bands are still in touch – and it seems frontman Greg Puciato joined the former on stage at their show at the Hollywood Palladium last Wednesday, singing parts of the song “Passenger” from White Pony, a song which originally featured Maynard James Keenan of Tool, and is an absolute classic for sure. Footage below!