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God damn, The Dillinger Escape Plan are back!

The Dillinger Escape Plan - One Of Us Is The Killer

We mentioned Morris Plains mathcore legends The Dillinger Escape Plan yesterday when we caught the new track from The Ocean. They’re two bands that seem to have the whole PR/album hype thing on lockdown, and as if to prove me right, last night the band premiered a new song from their forthcoming album One Of Us Is The Killer on SiriusXM Liquid Metal.

It’s called “Prancer“, but it certainly doesn’t ‘rein’ itself in (sorry, couldn’t resist), leading off with the customary intensity that is a hallmark of The Dillinger Escape Plan and rarely letting up. Frantic, stabbing riffs and arpeggios are the order of the day, underlaid by a hellishly smooth groove. Elements of their past are on proud display; you can hear touches of material from Calculating Infinity‘s “43% Burnt” right up to “Widower” from 2010′s Option Paralysis.

Frankly…it’s nothing revolutionary. It’s a great song, and classic DEP, but not quite a display of the new direction vocalist Greg Puciato has previously promised. That being said, it’s only one song, so to judge anything beyond the three or so minutes on display here would be mightily foolish.

The band had this to say on their excitement for OOUITK:

[quote-symbol symbol1]Words can’t describe the feelings right now as we begin to present this album to you today. There are a million different things we’d probably like to say, to one another and to all of you, but pages couldn’t contain. So here you go. To everyone that’s been on this ride for a while, thank you, and to everyone just getting on board, welcome. We’re grateful for the ability to express ourselves artistically, to be able to release a piece of our souls through music and words, and we’re proud that any of you can relate to our expression or get something out of it in any way; that our band and what we do means anything at all to you.

Given yhat we’ve had teasers, tour announcements and now a new song, we’d not be surprised to see a video within the next few weeks, which are always interesting.

One Of Us Is The Killer will be out May 14th through Sumerian Records/Party Smasher Inc., and you can get “Prancer” NOW from all good digital retailers.

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