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The Faceless Show How Much They Love Religion With Their New Music Video

Michael Keene Deconsecrate

The Faceless have never been outspoken about their love for religion. Quite the opposite in fact; the band have always had science fiction leanings, with their previous efforts focusing on aliens and potential discoveries. Their most recent album, Autotheism, which was released last year, instead chose to focus on their views on religion, namely that it’s not very good or smart (to put it mildly). In case the message wasn’t made abundantly clear The Faceless have been working hard for several months on a music video for the song “Deconsecrate“. While it has been quite a while now since the initial trailer for the song surfaced online, the video has finally come to light and seems to have been worth the wait.

The most instantly noticeable thing is how well the video is shot. The lighting is moody and effective and the high definition visuals are sharp to the eye. In this video we’re treated to the tech death giants sharing their opinion of God a little literally, by holding up a church with guns and stealing the money. The narrative arc of the video is also juxtaposed effectively with some stunning performance footage of the band. Part of me wishes the narrative of the unique video wasn’t disrupted by more conventional performance footage, but the high level of quality offsets that small complaint. Plus, it’s a song nearly seven minutes in length, and so trying to come up with narrative that lasts for that long, while also matching the music could prove difficult.

Despite the serious subject matter, this video is presented in an engaging way and with a strong sense of self awareness. There are moments of injected deadpan humour, to show that the band don’t take themselves entirely too seriously, which, somewhat ironically, is a blessing for the band. Moments of humour including maniacal gestures, porn magazines and posturing while you burn a relatively small amount of money help carry a lofty concept and keep it fulfilling and inoffensive.

Of course, if you’re a fan of The Faceless you will have already devoured this album by now and decided whether you loved or loathed it. Personally, this demonstrates a more mature direction for the band, and despite the more spacey elements being kept at a minimum there’s something infinitely more creepy and effective about the circus-esque vaudeville touches and the exceptionally utilized saxophone. If you were one of the people who were holding out on The Faceless, now would be a good opportunity to check them out and see if they’re your thing!

Autotheism is out now on Sumerian Records.

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