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The Matador waving a tantalising red flag of new material this year

The Matador 2013

You know those bands that come plum out of nowhere, barely heralded but glowing with latent talent? Australian quintet The Matador, aptly hailing from Gold Coast, were one of those bands for me. Their 2011 debut Descent Into The Maelstrom impressed me beyond measure, injecting inspiration from literature great Edgar Allan Poe into music firmly against the grain of the popular core and djent scenes, instead creating melancholic, atmospheric post-metal.

Two years and a couple of line-up changes later – namely frontman Daniel Godson and guitarist Mick Gay – the Matachaps are back on the radar, and have announced their intention to release and exciting duo of records, collectively titled Inclinaturum Humani Generis (the decline of the human race), before the end of 2013.

The first – Part I: Destroyer – will explore on the band’s sludgier and more ferocious musical chops, matching the thematic elements of humanity’s degeneration, whilst Part II: Creator will explore a more expansive, melodic route for the group, augmented by the skills of new vocalist Nathan Wyner, who will see his recorded debut with the band on these records.

Johnny Hourigan, guitarist and principal songwriter, explained the idea behind the double release:

[quote-symbol symbol1]We wanted to follow up Descent with something that was again crushing and heavy, but also allowed us to express a more melodic, even happier sounding Matador. With Nate and also Ryan (Creighton, guitars) joining the band, we have been able to bring our most ambitious ideas to fruition, and there is a renewed energy within the band. We are extremely proud of the songs we have written and can’t wait for everyone else to hear them.

The Matador headed to Core Studios in Queensland last month to work with producer/engineer Nik Carpenter (ROME, ex-Devolved), and are to tap up Cult Of Luna‘s Magnus Lindberg (whose other clients have include Ef, Jeniferever and Kongh) to handle mixing and mastering.

There’ll be more information from the guys soon, but in the meantime, catch Descent Into The Maelstrom below, which can be picked up for whatever donation you wish to offer.

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