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This isn’t the most in-depth of news stories ever, but Brighton’s post-metal outfit The Mire don’t give me enough opportunities to post about them, so damn it, I’m taking this one.

Above is a screenshot of what I can only assume is frontman Robin Urbino’s iTunes, showing the full tracklisting for their forthcoming album Glass Cathedrals, posted via their Facebook page. It was accompanied by the simple caption “DEMOED”.

The Mire have been floating around for a few years, not doing a huge amount, but impressing whenever they did. 2010′s Volume II EP collated their two demo songs “Fears” and “Wheelwalker” – which were sent to me as a freebie with an order from the excellent Eyesofsound, and I’ve been infatuated ever since – and four newer songs. It was a lush, haunting release worthy of any post-metal fan’s collection.

As such, a new release being on the cards is great news, and I really can’t wait for the promotional material to start rolling in so I can sing their praises even more. A mysterious painting in the style of the group’s previous two efforts was uploaded to Facebook in September, and it’s every bit as mood-inspiring as their music.

By way of taster, here’s the official video for “Shadows“, one of the newer tracks from Volume II.