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The last time we posted about Aussie outfit Circles was way back on…well, Wednesday actually…when we told you about the premiere of their brand new single “Another Me” on the BBC Radio 1 Rock Show. It’s the first new tune we’ve had from them since the release of 2011′s EP The Compass through Basick Records, and marks a welcome return, with all the catchy hooks, soaring vocals and groove-laden riffs from before.

Today marks the debut of the video for the single on Metal Hammer. Written and directed in-house by drummer Dave Hunter, it’s an incredibly shiny production, and features some stunningly shot visuals of both performance and story.

The single itself is out on Monday, but you can pick it up for FREE now from the above location. We were lucky enough to get vocalist Perry Kakridas to stop by in between bouts of fanning himself in the Australian mid-summer heat and making obscene rider demands of his publicist to answer a few questions for us.

1) Welcome to The Monolith Pezzer mate! Don’t mind the entrails, and take a seat won’t you! Tea? No? Suit yourself! We’re pretty proud of our humble abode, but tell us: what’s the best monolith or landmark in your area of the world (trouser-related jokes gain extra points)?

Hi Disinformasiya! Behold; Melbourne, Australia’s finest cultural achievement: Simon Perry’s “The Public Purse”!

Isn’t she grand? Doth she not attracteth legions of flying rats?!? Is she not complete with her warm, fleshy folds and a delicate, yet musky scent. I’m sorry. I took it too far, didn’t I?

BEHOLD YE MIGHTY CLUNGE BEAST OF YORE!!!! Okay, now I took it too far…

Oh wait, no I haven’t. Here’s a video of our bass player Drew farting on top of the “clungey one”

You can’t really see it, but I assure you, he WAS sitting on top of that very purse. I know it happened because I was there!

2) You played your last show of the year last Friday. How was it, and how has 2012 treated you on the live circuit?

2012 has been great! We started off on the “Eye Embedded” East Coast tour, which incidentally was our first real tour as a band. Almost immediately afterward we jumped on board the Swarm Tour with our good pals Jericco and Twelve Foot Ninja. Lots of beers and laughs were had by all.

A few months passed, and we got bored again. Thankfully Jericco asked us to come along for a few dates in Sydney, Melbourne, and Adelaide. How could we refuse? Across the board, audiences have been very responsive to us. We love bringing the show to our fans, and they love us for it. It’s a mutually engaging experience, people sing along and bang their heads. Our last show for the year was a very hot and sweaty affair indeed, as the weather was really warm and humid. We blasted through a couple of new tracks, and people fucking dug it. Mission accomplished. Of course not wanting to be outdone, the fair city of Melbourne decided to unleash a huge thunderstorm – that jealous fucker – so we all hid under a makeshift fort that I built with pint glasses, bar stools and a smelly bar mat. Sure, the crowd looked at me funny, but I survived, so who’s laughing now, huh?

3) What is the Australian touring experience like, and how might it differ to that of your northern hemispherical bretheren?

Last friday WAS the typical Australian touring experience. The crowd is always hot, always sweaty and always ready to rock. As for our “northern hemispherical brethren”, I can’t really say much about them. I haven’t had the pleasure of touring there. This will change in 2013, but for the meantime I’d like imagine that their beers are warm and their women are cold. Haha.

4) Is a foreign tour a possibility for you at this point? What might it take if not?

A foreign tour is definitely a possibility, our label Basick Records is working hard behind the scenes. Selling crack cocaine to school kids, so that we may realise our lifelong dream: to burn down Ramsay Street once and for all. We shall spare Lassiter’s because there’s a Pub there and we like Pubs. But right after that, we’ll work with Basick to make it happen.

5) Who are your dream tour-mates?

This guy:

Clearly he has his shit together. He’s got a literal six-pack and he has a super sweet van. Not just any van; oh no, it’s a classic VW combi van. Those things are sweet. Also, look at his face. I SAID LOOK AT IT! That is the look of a man who does not give a shit. Why is that important? Because it means he’ll put up with a lot of crap on tour.
Our crap. On tour. It’s not easy. Also I like his hat, it’s like Gilligan’s cap. I like Gilligan’s Island. Ginger was hot.

7) The new album is coming. Approximately how many hours have you wracked up on its creation thus far?

Too many to count, let’s see.. We started writing at the end of 2011, and even through we’re currently tracking the damn thing, we still change the songs beyond recognition. Time is relative. How long have you spent staring at the monument? You can’t quantify it. Surely it would drive you insane.


8) Did you notice that we missed question number 6? Be honest now.

Nope. It’s almost 3am and I’m still stuck in your little dungeon. I’ve got… other things on my mind right now. Also, where’s that tea?

9) Are you impressed by our powers of time travel?

ARE YOU A TIMECOP?!! Do you know Jean Claude Van Damme? Is it true that he’ll use any excuse to show everyone his perfectly toned arse? Did you know that our bass player Drew also uses any excuse to show everyone his perfectly toned arse? OMG. DREW. IS. A. TIMECOP. MIND = BLOWN

10) Avoidance of pain and anguish aside, what would it take for you to sell your souls to The Monolith?

A decent world tour would probably do the trick. But hey, since we’re selling our immortal souls, I might as well aim a little higher. I tell you what, throw in that sweet combi van and a case of beer (Aussie beer, not that warm urea extract you guys drink in the UK) and we’ll have ourselves a deal.

11) Could you explain the idea behind one of your new songs without giving away its title?


12) What is your favourite circle ever and why?


This guy.
Okay, bad example. Sorry. My Bad.

13) Do you think it’s unlucky to finish on question 13?

It’s only unlucky if you don’t answer it.

14) Better have another one just in case. So what’s this “Another Me” malarky about then?

This song marks a new, yet familiar direction for Circles. “Another Me” may be one of the heaviest songs that we’ve written to date.  However, as always we’ve managed to produce a stark contrast to this, with our melodies.  I’m proud of this song and the story that goes with it.  To me, it signifies a rebirth for me as a member of Circles, as a musician and as a person. Simply put, there is another me.

We eventually gave Perry that tea, but he gave it one look and for some reason suddenly had to leave. Strange. Anyway, don’t forget to check out that video, and keep your eyes peeled for more Circles news in the new year!