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Germano-Swiss progressive metal outfit The Ocean have announced today that their new, as-yet untitled album will be released in spring next year, and will feature both vocal and instrumental versions.

It had been rumoured that vocalist Loïc Rossetti’s involvement would be minimal at best, which would have been a damn shame, as he was the perfect fit to replace Mike Pilat, and did a fantastic job on the band’s most recent two albums, Heliocentric and Anthropocentric from 2010. He’s also brilliant live, and so the news that the record will have versions both with and without is welcome from that standpoint.

Founder and guitarist Robin Staps confirmed in a statement that it was indeed written as an instrumental album only, but after he and Loïc experimented with vocals they got too excited, and didn’t have the heart to release only one. No complaints here!

The band will be touring in support of it throughout Europe with the incredible Cult Of Luna, and with the decision to have both versions, it has been confirmed that it will be performed this way too – presumably picking and choosing from the two.

It’s due out April 26th (GSA), April 29th (Europe) and April 30th (USA) 2013 on Metal Blade Records, and will be mixed by the inimitable Jens Bogren (who we mentioned only last week), and will run at 52 minutes.

The long-awaited DVD has also been mentioned, and will also be released next year – although later than the album, somewhat understandably. I was wishing for an early Christmas present, but alas: Collective Oblivion, as it will be known – a 3xDVD release - will be after the summer I’d imagine.

Lots of good news there though.