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Get a final cocktease of The Ocean’s Pelagial

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As the world gears up for the release of The Ocean‘s new album Pelagial – tomorrow in Germany, Monday 29th in the rest of Europe and Tuesday 30th in North America – the band have swung in with one final promotional tool: a promotional video featuring snippets of all of the vocal versions of the tracks! It follows the website we saw a few months ago in the it moves steadily down through the depths, but there is some interesting never before seen artwork included as well which is worth a look:

So far on the vocal front we’ve had Bathyalpelagic II: The Wish In Dreams and Bathyalpelagic II: Disequillibrated, as well as a full stream of the instrumental version of the album, but they’re definitely teasing the vocal version something fierce, which seems to be the most anticipated version, despite Pelagial originally being conceived as an entirely instrumental effort.

Less than a week until we all have it in our hands now (I’ve heard it all, but I’m still bursting at the seams for my special edition box set to arrive) through Metal Blade Records. My review of the vocal version will come later today, but until then you can hear how bloody marvelous Neotenic thinks the instrumental version is here.

You can’t have failed to notice that this week we’ve been spending rather a lot of time talking about this band this week – as well as a number of other ocean-related shenanigans (and we’ve got more of those coming) – as we’re having a themed The Ocean week – but don’t worry if you missed any of it, as it’s all available below!

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