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he Omega Experiment

We were mightily pleased to see this piece of news drop into our inbox late yesterday evening. Those familiar with Michigan’s own prog duo The Omega Experiment – comprised of multi-instrumentalist/vocalist Dan Wieten and keys-man Ryan Aldridge – will surely be gladdened to hear that the band have finally been signed.

They released their blinding self-titled debut earlier this year, realising a fantastic sound that mixes elements of the likes of Devin Townsend, Dream Theater and Queensryche, but is at the same time all their own; it’s prog in the grandest, noodliest and spaciest tradition, and was mastered by Acle Kahney of TesseracT, who is fast-becoming a go-to guy for underground progressive artists. Most of the blogosphere have rightly been baffled as to why no-one has snapped them up sooner, so congratulations to both them and their new home: Listenable Records.

Speaking of Devin, The Omega Experiment have received praise from the man himself, and I understand that the former Strapping Young Lad frontman is not only an inspiration, but the paths of Dan and Devin share some similarities, and the album is autobiographical in dealing with Wieten’s struggles with substance abuse – an incredibly brave as well as cathartic undertaking we’re sure.

Listenable Records plan to re-release The Omega Experiment in Europe around February, and in the U.S. in March, giving the record much deserved exposure, and us more excuse to write about this wonderful album!

In the meantime, TOE are composing the follow-up, and will no doubt be touring in support of the re-release. Below, “Stimulus” from the album.

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