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Basick Records have been very kind to us here at The Monolith and have been very good about letting us know what their groups are up to. They’ve got a very brave set up of acts that cover some pretty varied sides of the metal spectrum, including a lot of the less known, more recent acts that seem to be just scraping the surface of grabbing the public’s attention. Well, sometime in the middle of last week one got by us and I’m doing my best to extend a net out now to capture it. Basick recently signed a tech-metal group known as Dissipate, whom fall very much in line with the amorphous blob that much of the younger tech-death metal scene seems to be morphing into, where everything is constantly running at eleven and people demonstrate themselves to be far more skilled at their instruments than I could hope to be at….anything. The group have decided to release the song ‘Motion’ for free and Basick’s home site has a link where you can download it. They also have a pretty good guitar run through of the song (which is where we got the still from), however I’ve found that the video below has a little bit more clarity so you can hear what is going on and decide whether or not you want the track.

Avast! Thar be linkage yonder!