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Crag-constructing exploits forthcoming from Scots The Sun Explodes

The Sun Explodes 2013

Carlisle-based quintet The Sun Explodes have popped up on my news feed a few times this week, so when the details for their new album We Build Mountains appeared in the old inbox this morning, I figured it was ordained that I see what all the fuss is about.

The group’s second album, We Build Mountains will be self-released in late summer, and with influences ranging from Queen to Metallica, and Periphery to Muse, The Sun Explodes are a refreshing mix of melody and grit.

The Sun Explodes - We Build Mountains

[22nd July 2013]

01. Fear of Falling
02. We Build Mountains
03. A Thousand Fires
04. Machines Pt.1
05. Machines Pt.2
06. SevenThreeOne
07. Lamia
08. Serpentine


With such wide-ranging inspiration, it’s obviously important for the band to produce material. As such, their stuff darts around a lot, never settling on one thing for too long. Says guitarist Alex Harris:

[quote-symbol symbol1]It’s important to us to try and avoid regurgitating our own influences, and just write music that will sound great on a CD and performed live, not one or the other. With all that being said, the number one philosophy in the band is to have fun doing what we do; we take our music very seriously, but not ourselves.

Although not immediately new, The Sun Explodes released a video for “SevenThreeOne” but a month ago. Filmed a) in the rain and b) somewhere sorta kinda bleak, it’s very Northern, and it’s also well shot. Check it out:

With a few Cedric Bixler-Zavala (The Mars Volta)-esque screeches entwined amongst the constantly shifting riffing, repeating bridge lines and even tech sections, this looks to be an interesting one. We Build Mountains will be out on July 22nd – self-released, as previously mentioned – although I’m sure we’ll be hearing from them again in the meantime.

On that note, if you’re in Carlisle on May 18th, or Norwich on June 19th, you can catch the band at The Brickyard or B2 respectively.

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