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Hail, peons! Welcome, as promised, to the next phase of The Monolith.

You may recall last week, when we announced our plans for our own record label platform, Monolithic Records. We outlined the deal, and asked people to contact us if they were interested, so that they could add their music to our ever expanding roster of talented independent artists. We’ve had a number of response already, but in the spirit of timely progression, we’re excited to tell you that our very own web store and streaming platform will be launched next week, along with our first release: Brent A. Petrie’s The Void.

Today we are proud to present to you a teaser of his impending album. Remember that for subscribed Acolytes, The Void will be a pay what you want download – and all of our subsequent releases will be offered at a cheaper price to our faithful underlings. Check out the promo below and don’t forget to share and tell your friends. It’s a great album that we’ve been holding onto for a while and we’re ecstatic to finally be able to share it with you.

[quote-symbol symbol1]Brent A. Petrie is a musician from Mesa, AZ. The Void, the second release from his one man progressive metal project, is set to be released on Monolithic Records, the label’s first output. The Void combines elements of progressive metal, post-rock, and electronica, often in a single song. Primarily instrumental, the songs are held together by their emotive cohesion, as opposed to any adherence to genre standards. From the artist himself, “my goal with The Void was to reflect my individual tastes without worrying about whether anything ‘fit’. I just wanted to make something that was held together by how it feels, rather than by how it sounds.” The album’s title is a reference to the thematic nature of the album; a void in three distinct senses: sleep, death, and space. Replete with references to the sources that inspired him, The Void is an exploration of one man’s diverse musicality, and refusal to stay within the lines.

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