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These Bostonian punks get hand-drawn in their new video


Pictured above: punks.

Hardcore garage punk pair Deathdealer. have released a new video for their track “Born With a Fever” and it is a cool one. It’s also pretty damn punk.

The inimitable Dan Ozzi of Jaded Punk recently wrote an insightful piece about the diluted meaning of the word punk (it is a wonderful opinion piece that can be read here). The tl;dr of it all is that the word “punk” enjoys such broad use as to be functionally useless. One possible answer to this problem is bands like Deathdealer. who are actually quite punk.

Restrooms are punk.

“What’s so punk about Deathdealer.?”, one might ask. “Damn near everything”, one might answer. For starters, they have a period at the end of their band name, as periods are widely known to be the preferred punk punctuation. They are a duo; two being the maximally punk number of members a band can have. They have a peculiar obsession with pee-related humor and if I have to tell you that urine is the most punk of all bodily excretions, then you are not punk enough to begin with. This is punk — with precious few liberty spikes — but punk nonetheless.

Children are punk.

Deathdealer. squeeze serious juice out of their drum, bass, and vocals combination. Their sound is straightforward without being overly sparse, producing the emotional intensity and simplicity of a full band with only two members. It’s stripped-down hardcore with a bit of artsy edge. The bass leads are suitably heavy and the drums suitably driving, the twin vocals tearing across the surface of songs like circular saws. When bassist Dave Vitola screams “You owe me a fucking explanation,” it hits with righteous indignation. This is not a band to be ignored.

On to the buried lead: Deathdealer. released a new video for “Born With a Fever”, a crusty little track off of SOULSTEALER. (yes, it too ends in a full stop), the band’s blistering full-length. The video is a feat in itself: according to the Deathdealer. Facebook page, “We animated this thing FRAME BY FRAME for roughly 8 months. It consumed our lives. There are over 1,200 individually drawn frames that we literally slaved over to create. Go watch it to make our actual insanity worth it”. Indeed, their efforts were well worth it; this video takes DIY to a new level just by force of sheer awesomeness.

Are you feeling punky, punk? Go grab SOULSTEALER.Deathdealer.’s single,Fuck You and Fuck Your Friends (Eat Glass, Die Dark), and their split with the also-great Grower.

So are you punk enough to dig on Deathdealer.? Or are you some sort of square? Sound off in the comments!

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