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Hey folks! We’ve decided that we need something at the end of the week to recap everything that’s gone on in Monolith land, partly because it moves so fast that you’re likely to miss something super cool, but also because it helps us make sense of the past five days and actually look at what we did, which believe it or not, we don’t actually get to do. Sounds like a complete contradiction, but it’s true.

So here’s that something. Enjoy!

We discovered something called “Ancient Roman death metal”. It’s a thing and it rules as hard as you think something called “Ancient Roman death metal” would.
We paid tribute to Quorthon of Bathory, who would have been 47 last weekend, and Pat Egan, a key cog in the Relapse Record machine, who sadly passed away this week.
Jørgen Munkeby of Norwegian blackjazz band Shining dropped some serious wordage, theorising on the ever rising spiral of dissonance in modern music. It’s a fascinating read!
Ahead of Oscar week, Jane Fraud talked about how she’s looking forward to The Last Exorcism Part II
We got excited enough about shelsmusic’s new signing Erlen Meyer to do a little feature on them. The more we found, the more excited we go to be honest. Going to be a great debut from them.
This week’s Throwback focussed on Manilla Road, who are really criminally underrated. Fix that, yeah?
The Trendshedder got meta this week by explaining how to write a Trendshedder article.
We asked what your favourite musical cover is. Get involved; we want to argue with you and call you names.
We completely missed that we surpassed the 500 post mark. That post was the one about Monuments‘ new video; go give it a pat on the back, a bro-fist, or your local/cultural mark of respect/congratulations.

We reviewed *deep breath* Okular, Kongh, Grisly Amputation and Lycosa (as part of an Innervenus Music double-feature), Illnath, Nobody and Corsair.

All in all, a pretty good week. We’re going to keep trying to do these recaps every week, even if they come up on a Saturday because we got sidetracked by drinking or actually having a social life on a Friday night. Not tonight though, obviously. I was supposed to be assasining stuff on Dishonored. Now I’m staring at my bed and wondering why I would ever get out of it.

Happy hunting guys.

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