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Thracian’s Gears released on Monolithic Records

Thracian - Gears

Another big week for Monolithic Records, as we released Gears from New Yorkers Thracian. We’re particularly proud of these guys, and have been following them for some years. You can pick up both regular and deluxe editions of the release from our webstore, and as always there are discounts for Acolytes!

So what else did we get up to?

We visited Mother Russia twice: once to see a man getting shot in the face with an arrow, and the second for two high-octane music videos.
We found music from power metal project Avantasia, screamo band Loma Prieta, veterans Spock’s Beard, Irish black metal band Altar Of Plagues, the legendary Killswitch Engage, and a video from Kvelertak‘s new album.
We thought perhaps cancelling the Bioshock movie might be a good idea.
We introduced youngsters Dark Sermon and mathcrust bruisers Haut&Court.
We had a full week of reviews with the new Maudlin, Heimdall, Black Veil Brides, Lifeless and Call Of The Void.
Pandora supremo James Cameron got a couple of mentions.
Djethcore band The Northern premiered a guitar playthrough video for their track “Imperium” through us. Guitars were drooled over BIG TIME.
The Anthropophagist Randomly Rounded Up – getting dark with hardcore bands Narratives, Torch Runner and Damaru.
We nostalgia’d pretty hard with news of an Escape From New York reboot and a proposed Goosebumps film.
We proposed 10 horrible bosses for…well, the next Horrible Bosses!
Jane Fraud pulled a great article out of the hat regarding Queer As Folk and comic books. Well worth a read.
Apps in film? It’s a thing being tested in the Netherlands.
The Throwback got stuck into Windir‘s Arntor.
The Trendshedder flung poop at the departing EA Games CEO, as well as his likely cookie-cutter replacement.

We started a brand new film feature – Film Favourite Friday – where five of us have our input around a theme. This week: Brits playing Yanks!

Hope you enjoyed all that. See you on Monday!

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