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Iron Man 3, Facebook activism and a LOT of death metal this week on The Monolith

Iron Man 3 brute Hulkbuster armour

We had a lot more going on this week than last, which is great. We’re do what we can, but theres a lot to cover, and to that end we’re bringing on board four or five new members of staff in the next couple of weeks, so expect a lot more reviews in particular!

With that, on to the week that was!

We found music from death metallers Mortuorial Eclipse, Finnish prog band Amorphis, a Pat Egan-benefit EP from grinders Pig Destroyer, returning Maltese death metal/crossover band Loathe, progressive death metal band Fallujah, the revitalised Earthtone9, Chris Bowes’ new power metal project Gloryhammer and blackened death metal outfit Xul. A lot of death metal, then!
We asked for your stories about late-running shows.
We reviewed unfortunately mediocore band IORI, New Jerseyian progressive rock band The Tea Club (a real gem), and hardcore outfit Baptists.
We finally learned the verdict on Lamb Of God frontman Randy Blythe’s manslaughter trial.
We discussed the ten reasons why Iron Man 3 might be the best Marvel movie yet. Feel free to come and disagree with us, but we’re pretty sure we’re right.
The Anthropophagist returned with another Random Roundup – this time full of some serious skramz from Kelsi Gammar, Secret Plot To Destroy The Entire Universe, and Slipdiver.
We asked you who should direct the next Bond move, given that Sam Mendes isn’t going to be taking the job.
Jane Fraud mused on last week’s Lawrence/Nicholson gender politics debate, as well as discussing Juggalos.
We introduced fun German groove band Placenta.
The Trendshedder discussed Facebook activism.
The Throwback revisited Judas Priest‘s Stained Class.

Hope you enjoyed all that. See you on Monday!

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