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Embrace The Riffs Of Carcass Through The Awesome Thracian!

Thracian - Gears

Last week we announced our fourth signing to the Monolithic Records family in the form of angry New York thrashers Thracian. Their fusion of aggressive melodic death metal, thrash and metalcore makes for a veritable riff sandwich. Channelling the pissed off spirit of Jeff Walker and Hearwork era Carcass,; Thracian are a one of a kind metalcore band that will blow you away.

Gears has been a long time coming and is a huge step up in terms of intensity from their previous release, the excellent Blight. Their gravel throated vocalist Dan Arena had this to say about Gears:

In our early stages as a band we played a mix of thrash and melodic death metal – but as time went on our sound began to incorporate more progression and technicality. We never abandoned our heaviness, but we began adding layers of tech-influenced riffs and solos, with a nice touch of melody thrown in for good measure. Our influences range from bands heavily in the progressive/tech-death genre, to bands that are more core and thrash oriented. Each of us have our genres of choice, and we always do our best to incorporate them equally in each song we write. Basically, we write as a band, no one voice is louder than the other.

Whereas Blight was written around the affects of a broken heart, Gears is the result of a bitter heart that is reflecting on the incidents of that failed relationship and ultimately reaching closure. Each track represents the stages of decay and anger that grew overtime by the past. For example, the meaning behind “Apparatus” – which we are pleased to premiere through The Monolith and Monolithic Records – is the realization that the one person you thought was everything turned out to be the complete opposite, and even with the hard truth of knowing it’s over, you still love them. The track is easily one of our fastest and most rage-fueled tunes on the EP, and we hope everyone enjoys it, as much as we did writing it.

To finally release this EP is to say goodbye the to the past and hello to the future. For all of our fans who have been waiting patiently for Gears, the wait will soon be over, and we can’t thank you enough for sticking with us through all the BS we seem to encounter as a band.

With our announcement last week we also released one song from the Gears EP called “Apparatus” which has had well over 2000 plays and ha been excellently received! You’ll be thrilled to discover that the exemplary quality found on “Apparatus” is present across all of their work, and you can stream the whole album below:

[s3audible autoplay="true" bucket="The-Monolith-Stream" folder="THRACIAN-GEARS"]

Gears comes in two versions, the standard EP is available at  £5 for non acolytes and  £4 for our beloved acolytes. There will also be a deluxe version of the EP released at midnight EST which will include Gears in instrumental form for an extra  £3. Support independent music and support this great band! Visit out store!

Check out their Facebook page for more updates and be sure to stick around with The Monolith for many more updates in the future as well as a couple of new signings!

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