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Thy Light to release No Morrow Shall Dawn later this year


Brazilian depressive black metal band Thy Light are back with a teaser for their upcoming full length album, titled No Morrow Shall Dawn. Technically, it’s their debut album, as their previous release Suici.De.Pression was only officially a demo, but it was one of the best offerings of depressive black metal I have ever come across, filled to the brim with raw emotion and completely devoid of hope.

They have since been picked up by record label Pest Productions, who released a remastered version of the demo. Now Thy Light are set to release their follow up album, and the teaser for the album showcases about two minutes of new music, set to clips from the documentary The Bridge. Included are chilling images of people jumping and falling from the Golden Gate Bridge, which goes hand in hand with the style of music.

The short snippet of music seems to be keeping with Thy Light’s established sound, but as it is only two minutes in length, it remains to be seen if they can re-capture the brilliance of Suici.De.Pression; a masterpiece of the genre and one of my top black metal releases of all time. My prediction is that it will top that, especially seeing as they have a guest musician in the form of Sorrow (Tim Yatras) from the legendary Austere, who are  the best depressive black metal band of all time, and so one has to think that this release will be a more mature outing for the band.

Check out the teaser and a few other songs here, and share your thoughts.

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