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A world first sees TesseracT play on top a massive igloo to an audience of Fins


On a list of things TesseracT never even imagined they’d do, playing a gig in coldest Lapland, on a stage made of ice, is probably quite high up. Nevertheless, the UK quintet did just that only a few weeks ago when Jägermeister flew them out to Kittilä, Finland, and then had them driven to the yearly Snow Village hotel in Lainio, outside which they played to about 100 assembled locals. Bizarre.

We doubt there’s much of a metal scene in Lainio – it’s a fairly remote place – but the band set to task, drawing in as many people as possible, to come and watch them play a specially constructed stage outside the gargantuan structure, which is described thusly on the website:


Snow Village is a magical world of ice and snow. Each year, around 15 million kilos of snow and 300 000 kilos of crystal clear natural ice are used to build the spectacular Snow Village which changes in shape, size and design to amaze visitors year after year.

Covering an area of about 20 000 square metres, the Snow Village consists of a Snow Hotel, with snow rooms and suites, Ice Restaurant, Ice Cocktail Bar, Chapel, a slide and a vast network of striking corridors full of spectacular snow and ice art to explore.


The logistics of such an endeavour were likely numerous and costly – from temperature-affected tuning issues to having your hands frozen off during every song (guitarist James Monteith later told me that, as their songs require only a modest amount of movement up and down the fretboard, and utilise mostly chords, they had to have warming packs in their pockets to de-ice their hands) – but say this for Jägermeister: they have some very cool (har har) ideas, and they execute them well.

Naturally, the whole thing was documented, and you can watch that below:

Vocalist Dan Tompkins joined the others in a quick segue from his duties on the Skyharbor/sleepmakeswaves/Tides From Nebula tour, and it seems like a generally good-natured affair. Nice one chaps!

TesseracT are due to release their third, as-yet untitled album later this year via new label Kscope, which we reckon will be around September – not long before the 15th Snow Village begins construction ahead of its next season.