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In Focus: Poisonous Birds


Photo by Rob Marsden

If you’ve been paying attention since the turn of the year, you’ll have spotted us talking a lot more about a particular artist each month. January saw a bunch of Code Orange-related content, with the release of their third album Forever – but February has brought us to an entirely different place with UK duo Poisonous Birds.

You can get the lowdown on the band, the history of its members, and the music they make here in our In Focus introduction – but there is no better way to get insight than to speak to the people behind the music themselves.

We’ve finally decided to get with the times and let you listen to the interviews rather than slog through a written transcription. What better candidate for this than a musician I’ve known for some time, whose new EP Gentle Earth is one of 2017′s early hidden gems.

In what turned out to be a really fascinating chat, we cover: the writing and general construction of Poisonous Birds’ expansive, dystopian, cinematic post-rock; how the duo are approaching the promotion of their own music; what goes into a PB live show; and Tom’s thoughts fan interaction, doing things properly, and why they don’t – and never will – have a Facebook page.

If you like the sound of all that, make sure you check out our stream of Gentle EarthYou can also find Poisonous Birds on BandcampSoundCloud and Apple Music, should any of those be your preferred platform, and make sure to keep your ears pricked for the rest of the month for more from us from and about the band!

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