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Tomahawk Release Trippy New Music Video For Oddfellows

Tomahawk Oddfellows Trippy

Tomahawk, the alternative rock supergroup fronted by legendary eccentric vocalist Mike Patton have united with Vincent Forcier to create a trippy and wild video for the title track of their new album Oddfellows. And odd indeed it is; the video mostly comprises of live footage pushed through a grinder of various psychedelic substances and a kaleidoscope.

Most of the video is cast in a dark and depressing black and white gloom, with vibrant colour only bleeding into the film towards its end. It certainly makes for an interesting juxtaposition to their previously relatively bright and vibrant video for “Stone Letterwhich we wrote about here. 

The song itself contains a balance of the two sides to Tomahawk and manages to stride the bipolar line the music draws confidently and effectively. Check it out.

Oddfellows is out now via Ipecac Recordings, Patton’s own label imprint.

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