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Over the weekend, alternative supergroup Tomahawk struck with a brand new music video consisting of live performances. Considering how long it’s been since this band have done something, and how despite their pedigree they always seem to be just under the radar, it provided a good opportunity to introduce the band to some folk.

Tomahawk have never been the heaviest band on the planet by any means, but like much of what Mike Patton is involved with they’ve always been a little unhinged and weird. My personal story actually involves having the band shoved down my throat during my time surfing Tool forums looking for music recommendations. We’ve always had something of an on and off relationship so whenever they pop up doing new music it never ceases to surprise me. It’s been six years since the alternative band has done anything (not surprising, given Patton alone is and has been a member of Faith No More, Mr. Bungle, Fantômas and The Dillinger Escape Plan to name but a few), but 2013 will see an album called Oddfellows hitting us in early January. The song that this video clip is for is called “Stone Letter” and it’s a pretty straightforward song by all means – but when was the last time you remember anyone at The Monolith posting such an obvious rock song with a chorus as such? Even Mike Patton manages to sound relatively normal. It’s a quick hit of music to introduce folks to the band this afternoon, so check it out below.