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Top 10 banner - Faith No More

Working alphabetically, each week The Monolith staff vote for their favourite iconic bands, and once a winner has been chosen, the experts go to task on voting for the top ten songs for your enjoyment and discourse. After a 2 week hiatus, the recurring feature is back with a vengeance. Today we’re tackling the mighty Faith No More!

Faith No More are a lot of things to a lot of people. Innovators. Gods. Absolutely untouchable. What’s undeniable is their influence on modern metal, despite having been technically defunct for over fifteen years (despite a ‘current’ are-they/aren’t-they reunion that’s sort of petered out). Long-serving frontman Mike Patton is considered one of the finest and most diverse vocalists and frontmen anywhere, having tried his hand at pretty much everything, but the band’s ability to craft a catchy but musically respectable song is unparalleled for some.

It is then, with difficulty, that only two of our number felt experienced and brave enough to tackle the challenge of naming the 10 best songs by the band.

Faith No More’s discography:

We Care A Lot (1985)

Introduce Yourself (1987)

The Real Thing (1989)

Angel Dust (1992)

King For A Day… Fool For A Lifetime (1995)

Album Of The Year (1997)