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Full Of Hell to trek north-easterly states with Column Of Heaven and Nyodene D

Full Of Hell Column Of Heaven Nyonene D tour poster

I had heard of NE U.S. hardcore band Full Of Hell before I saw them last August supporting Circle Takes The Square at Camden’s Underworld, but I’d never listened to them, and hadn’t really given them much thought if I’m honest.

Now, every time I see a new tour announcement, I get a little excited, just in case they’re coming back to the UK. They tour a lot as it is, so it’s not entirely out of the question, but not on this occasion. Alas!

Full Of Hell are pure theatre. From the moment the music starts, they’re in performance mode, and in particular, frontman Dylan Walker is like a man possessed. It’s utterly engrossing to watch, and by the end of the set you’re left with a feeling of intense discomfort and a need for a stiff drink. So captivating were they that the crowd at that London show last year stood and watched a good five minutes of feedback towards the end of the set, swaying in their uneasiness.

It’s a ‘short’ ten-date run this time around, with Canadian powerviolence outfit Column Of Heaven and apocalyptic industrialists Nyodene D. amongst others. This promises to be an unmissably uncomfortable experience that you’d do well to get down to. Seriously.

Dates are as follows:

4/24/2014 TBA – Buffalo, NY w/ Gas Chamber
4/25/2014 TBA – Boston, MA w/ Cleansing Wave
4/26/2014 AS220 – Providence, RI w/ Fucking Invincible
4/27/2014 Silent Barn – New York, NY w/ The Communion
4/28/2014 The Gütah – New Brunswick, NJ w/ Fleshtemple
4/29/2014 Secret Location – Philadelphia, PA w/ Backslider
4/30/2014 TBA – Washington, DC w/ DOC
5/01/2014 The Shop – Pittsburgh, PA w/ Slices
5/02/2014 Yonka House – Detroit, MI w/ Dead Church
5/03/2014 Soybomb – Toronto, ON w/ Wastoids, Cvntpvnt

Additionally, Full Of Hell have announced they’ll be releasing a split next month with Psywarfare in celebration of Record Store Day, which is on April 19th this year, and their contribution will “[strip] the hypergrind elements from their barrage, here focusing on their distressing racket/static infiltrations, sampling in choruses, looping feedback and experimenting with more distressing and melodic calls, within the track, “Thee Unsurmountable Wall.

Man, it’s a good year to be alive, isn’t it?