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Destroy Everything bands combine to blitz England this autumn

Murdock-The-Colour-Line-UK-tour-poster 2

Destroy Everything is quite a young label in the grand scheme of things, but in the eighteen-or-so months they’ve been active, they’ve put out some real quality already – Black DogsGrief and Now, Voyager‘s Tell-Tale Hearts in particular caught the eye last year – but it’s a couple of their bands who’ve yet to release who we’re most excited about.

I picked both Murdock and The Colour Line as bands to watch this year, and while neither’s release has yet surfaced, there’s high promise from both, and more than that – we know they’re good live.

Murdock keep getting picked to support awesome bands whenever they roll through Ireland, including The Ocean most recently, and ever since we heard “Brain Face we’ve been hankering for our brains and faces to be ripped asunder once more. Their forthcoming album is apparently bubbling along nicely, and we can’t wait.

We last saw The Colour Line when they headlined a show along with Bear at The Black Heart in Camden, and boy did they tear it a new one.

So, when we heard that the two were teaming up for a short run of dates across England this September, our hearts were set aflutter and our mothers running for the bubble wrap.

This thing is going to be monster with a capital Caffienated-Energy-Drink, if you know what I’m saying. Both will play awesome shows, and I’m sure try and outdo each other every night to the point that Hull will be replaced by a mushroom cloud come the middle of the month.

Full dates are on the poster and also below. Sample tracks from both too. Get down!


8th @ Kraak, Manchester
9th @ Fuel Rock Club, Cardiff
10th @ Owl Sanctuary, Norwich
11th @ The Unicorn, London
12th @ Social, Doncaster
13th @ Intake, Mansfield
14th @ O’Rileys, Hull