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Surprise surprise; Download and Euroblast won’t be SikTh’s only reunion dates

SikTh Heart Of A Coward Idiom Download Freezes Over tour poster

In case you’d forgotten, SikTh are at least partly responsible for this whole djent situation we’ve found ourselves in over the past few years. They headed the UK’s tech metal scene for a good four or five years until their split in 2008, taking Meshuggah‘s machine-like rhythms and infecting them with Something Wild. In the intervening few years, many have tried to fill the void, and from early bands like Fellsilent to the current crop of Peripherys, Monuments and TesseracTs, there are lines to be drawn back to the Hertfordshire five-piece.

It is jubilation, then, with which their reunion has been met. The announcement earlier this year that they’d be playing Download Festival (which is on right now!) and later Euroblast in October made the internet quiver with excitement, and I’m sure the sale of tickets for both festivals swell a little bit at least, with hardcore fans keen not to miss out.

But did you really think that was it? For music as technical as SikTh’s, would they spend so much time re-jelling and rehearsing a 45-minute set only to play it twice?

So with very little surprise, the band have today announced an autumn UK tour – Download affiliated – with the excellent and punishing Heart Of A Coward and Idiom, with whom we aren’t too familiar. Three dates in October plus ten in November will see the Download Freezes Over tour flogging their horses up and down the country, and it’s a pretty good spread actually. Wales might feel a little aggrieved, although there’s always Bristol for the south or Liverpool for the north.

We very much suspect there might be another announcement or two fairly soon – Download will have wanted to keep things schtum until their event, but with the announcement of this tour, there’s a lot more scope – so keep an eye out for that…