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Tour like a boss with our special playlist curated by No Consequence

No Consequence - KT Croft Photography - Tech Fest 2014

Photo credit: Katie Croft

When you’re out on the long, lonely road, with only your bandmates and their stifling bodily emissions for company, you’ve got to have something to keep you sane. That thing is usually music. Communally binding, yet the source of many arguments, control over the tunes is a coveted privilege. In order to avoid strife, it’s usually best to sort out the playlist before you leave.

No Consequence Tech Fest 2015 - Kaan Tasan - Jo Moolenschot

Photo credit: Jo Moolenschot

With this in mind, our good friends No Consequence have peeled back the veil of their own tour playlist to give you an insight into what keeps them going, and to hopefully introduce you to a few unknown gems.

Frontman Kaan Tasan comments:

“When we’re on tour our musical tastes vary loads. When you’re listening to loud heavy music all day, it’s nice to have a break and listen to something chilled. Late night drives to Deftones are a band favourite. We just mix it up as much as possible in the van, diversity is key – just to keep your ears and mind fresh”

Presented in both Spotify and YouTube (although the former is missing the cracking “The Pot” by Tool), have a listen and let us know which songs you like!

No Consequence will be out on tour next month with Promethee, which we’re incredibly proud to be presenting along with our close friends Grave Press, The Circle Pit and Got Djent. The UK dates are as follows:

No Consequence Promethee tour poster UK 2015 The Monolith Got Djent Grave Press The Circle Pit