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Next week, our pals in FOES will be hitting the road in support of their brand new album The Summit Lies Skyward.

No strangers to touring, guitarist Joe Danher was kind enough to give us a little insight into what the band tend to play in the van between dates!

Make sure to catch them out in a couple of weeks; you can check the dates on the poster at the bottom, and we’re offering up a pair of tickets over at this location – worth a try, no?

Slow Sin” – O’Brother

Endless Light is one of the best albums in recent years. It’s hard to pick a favourite among the likes of “Your Move” and “Deconstruct” but this song is certainly up there with them.

I Won’t Forget” – Shining

I’ve been a huge fan of Shining since Blackjazz, and we finally had the pleasure of playing on the same bill as these guys at Tramlines this year. This track in particular sounded so ferocious live. Had it on repeat ever since!

One Out Of None” – Oceansize

Oceansize are one of our biggest mutual influences as a band. We’d say this track makes for a perfect introduction to them. Light, dark, melodic, progressive. It’s got everything. The moment Mark Heron’s drums kick in at the beginning, chills are guaranteed!

Goliath” – Karnivool

Along with Oceansize, this band are just faultless in our eyes and “Goliath” is a total game changer. We must’ve listened to this song hundreds of times, and yet there seems to be something new in the arrangement to pick out every time. The highlight has to be the semi-tone drop of the ending riff as Ian Kenny sings “please wake up”. Un-f*****g-believable

To Take The First Turn” – Black Peaks

Black Peaks are such an incredible band. Again, Statues is another album where it’s hard to pick a firm favourite, but this one has certainly stood out live when we’ve caught them on numerous occasions this year. A couple of us are big Reuben fans, so the appearance of Jamie Lenman is a bonus also!

River” – Black Foxxes

Like most other people, I’m Not Well blew us away this year. This is a real stand out pick of the album. Some really great guitar tones on this one, and the vocal melody is superb.

The Royal We” – Silversun Pickups

A brilliant song from a brilliant record and, in our minds, easily the highlight of the Silversun Pickups back catalogue. It’s amazing how understated the chorus is when it first appears compared to how powerful it becomes towards the end of the track. Absolute banger!

Crystalline, So Serene” – We Never Learned To Live

We were only very recently on tour with these guys, and this was always a standout moment in their set. Some really beautiful soundscapes going on in this song. WNLTL are top lads also.

Burn The Witch” – Radiohead

There’s not much you can say about Radiohead that hasn’t already been said, but what a comeback this was. Both the orchestration and Thom Yorke’s voice on this sound equal parts beautiful and menacing. It seems pretty rare that a band this far into their career can continue to surprise and astonish you, but this song certainly did just that

Leaning On A Lampost” – George Formby

When you’re in hour five of backed up traffic eating a shit sandwich that cost £10, George is the man to turn that frown upside down.

FOES will be out with pals Siamese on the majority of these dates (bar London this Friday). Dates as follows: