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Towering Filth - Majesties

Despite yesterday’s downtime, hopefully you all caught the announcement recently that today sees the deliverance of Monolithic Records’ second release: this time a slice of one damn crusty pie courtesy of the new album from one-man St. Louis blackened hardcore band Towering Filth., which you can purchase from our webstore now. What are you waiting for?!

Helmed by the bearded frenzy that is Matthew Koch, Majesties is thirteen tracks of filthy, monolithic aural beatings, augmented by choice samples from 2006 Darren Aronofsky sci-fi film The Fountain and a themes dealing with oppression and self-betterment.

[quote-symbol symbol1]The subject matter of the record lyrically is about vague oppression and bettering your circumstance against seemingly impossible odds. The lumbering pace of the record sits at a middle ground between brooding and vicious. It’s more about the whole song as a whole instead of what each individual instrument is doing.


Of his influences, Matt states:

[quote-symbol symbol1]The gist of this album is just basic energy. It’s not really about being angry; it’s about an outlet of energy. My biggest influences were Abominable Iron Sloth, Admiral Angry, and older Devil Sold His Soul. There’s also a touch of Neurosis and Unsane in there.
The record doesn’t really have a core story line but all the songs have a similar vibe.  The beginning and ending tracks round out the feel of the record by providing an onset of uneasy feelings and desperate circumstance.  The end track is cathartic and somewhat uplifting, highlighting the conquering of the current situation, but not exactly being completely free from it. 

The music speaks for itself, but we’re incredibly stoked to have Towering Filth on board with Monolithic Records. The quality from this one-man band is exemplary, and we believe it stands up with its contemporaries in the hardcore scene.

Majesties costs £8 for non acolytes, or just £5 for


Make sure to follow Towering Filth on Facebook to keep up with his future developments, and keep it locked on The Monolith for everything else; new music, a cheeky bit of sideboob, and more!

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