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Clearly not understanding the fact that we here at The Monolith are a bunch of slackers who like to pretend that we have actual lives, Norwegian symphonic melo-death band Trail Of Tears revealed some new info about their upcoming album – the first solid bit of news about new material since the group’s excellent and underrated 2009 release Bloodstained Endurance. Although there’s nothing about track names (and to be honest, like track names can really tip you off to how an album is going to sound these days) or potential song samples we do at least have a title and album art to go off. The group made the announcement via their Facebook page on Saturday but it seemed to be one of those ones that was a glancing blow on the news radar and not much else. The new disc will be titled Oscillation and the cover art is very different from the material they had for Existenia and Bloodstained Endurance, the group’s prior two releases. Also, since we have no story or anything to go on we here at The Monolith can only assume that Oscillation tells the tragic story of someone marooning their cruise ship on an iceberg whilst lost in the ocean. Potential concept album about the Titanic? Maybe an album about all the nautical disasters since the invention of the modern steamship? Who knows! We’ll keep digging to see what the band says! They take us very seriously over at the Trail Of Tears PR offices. In the meantime, click here for a quick sample from the group’s prior album.