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If there’s one artist that’s been of key importance to the development of The Baboon’s musical taste, it’s Finnish multi-instrumentalist Tuomas Saukkonen. For those that aren’t good with names, he’s the mastermind behind a host of bands, most notably Before the Dawn, Dawn of Solace and RoutaSielu. It’s all great, highly powerful and heartfelt, and if you’re one of the three and a half metalheads that hasn’t yet been introduced to one or more of these, start ‘Tubing!

That said, the piss poor news announced in this post’s heading is that Saukkonen has decided to terminate all of his ongoing bands and projects. This is actually news of several days ago, but you’ll have to forgive us. Maybe you can spit on your screen once to get most of the anger out, but be a good person and don’t start sending powder letters. Anyfuck, most notably the ending of Before the Dawn, after seven studio records and fourteen years, will be a punch in the teeth to a lot of metal fans worldwide. The combination of Saukkonen’s own deep-end growls and Lars Eikind’s cleans was a match made in heaven Finland (which is actually metal heaven).

Saukkonen’s statement on Before the Dawn’s official website explains how he has been considering this slate-wiping for a few years, and had realised that he had lost the passion to make music his own way. With that in mind, and with ending Before The Dawn, it seemed right to start completely afresh.

Yes, tears will be shed, but the good news is that Saukkonen isn’t done with music and will solely focus on his new band called Wolfheart. In his own words:

[quote-symbol symbol1]My main intention is to create a band that combines Before the Dawn’s energy with the low-tuned, dark, heavy and epic atmosphere of Black Sun Aeon.”

Even better than this news itself is the fact that Saukkonen has already included a five-minute teaser of his upcoming work, as well as chucked a whole lot of awesomely professional promo photography on the project’s Facebook. Way to break the news, dude! They say baboons don’t cry; they forgot about tears of joy!

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