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Sadly it seems that holiday hiring and firing season is still in full effect as two members of epic Swedish melo-death group Zonaria have taken their leave. The two who have bailed were revealed via the group’s official Facebook along with a note that the band would not cancel any dates (which currently stand at a grand total of one, at their native Umeå’s House Of Metal festival on March 1st) and were seeking out replacements.

The two that left were drummer Emanuel “Cebbe” Isaksson and guitarist Emil Nystöm. They seemed to be leaving on good terms, so there’s no real blood spilling to do any reporting on, just the usual wish them luck and thanks for all the fish/I quit announcement. What effect this has on the band will likely be difficult to parse out and prognosticate on outside of the hiccup of having to find a new drummer and guitarist. Simon Berglund, who does the vocals and guitar work is still in the band, but he’s now the only original member, which means that you’ll have a guitarist, bassist, and drummer where the most tenured person in the band outside of its founder will have been in the group since 2011.

Nevertheless, the group put out a pretty goddamn good record this year with Arrival Of The Red Sun this year and it’s just as good as the group’s previous release The Cancer Empire. Either would make excellent starting points if for some reason the delivery of this bad news has perked your interest.