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Tech Fest 2016 announcement 1

If you’ve followed us for any length of time, you’ll know how nuts we are about UK Tech Fest, what we consider to be the best small progressive and technical metal festival in Britain, and pretty much the best four days you can spend at an agricultural showground in Nottinghamshire.

2016 will see the festival run its fifth annual main event (not counting the smaller all-day gigs run across the country), and although we’re still about six months away, the organisers have announced a first chunk of nineteen bands to get ticket sales going – and they’re definitely going big to celebrate their first milestone.

Right out of the gate we have the Saturday and Sunday main stage headliners, Protest The Hero and Between The Buried And Me respectively. Now, the festival has managed to pull in some pretty big names in tech metal over the years – 2014′s SikTh coup was a pretty big deal, and despite the more death metal leanings, Decapitated last year was a big one – but these are definitely two of the biggest Tech Fest has ever attracted, and are sure to shift a few tickets.

Sitting right under that, and likely to be either main support or second stage headliners are Dutch progressive metal dudes Textures, Bay Area tech-death rising stars Fallujah, and renowned producer Will Putney’s Fit For An Autopsy. Now, Textures actually played the festival’s first year in 2012, so to have them back and show them how the event has grown will be great, plus with a pair of new albums on the way, it will be a great chance for UK fans to see the new material. Fallujah are no strangers to UK shores either, having supported Carnifex towards the end of 2015, but they’re an excellent pick – as are FFAA, whose latest album Absolute Hope Absolute Hell our own William reviewed right here.

Of the rest, there’s a mixed bag of known quantities and new faces: of the former we have Destiny Potato, who have had to cancel their last two Tech Fest appearances for visa reasons – here’s hoping for third time lucky – as well as Danish dudes Cold Night For Alligators (whose new album Course Of Events we reviewed here), Sworn AmongstDispersE, Shields, south London new boys Harbinger, and Jón Þór’s favourite find of last year, The Hirsch Effekt. Making up the rest are Aegaeon, Vitalism, The Green River Burial, Tardive DyskinesiaSuasion, Make Me A DonutThe Parallax Method, all of whom we look forward to learning more about in the coming months.

To give you a taste of each, we’ve put together this handy Spotify playlist

Tickets for Tech Fest are now on sale at £59.99 for a weekend ticket, plus £20 for camping, and can be purchased directly via the website here.

We’ll have a LOT more to say about the festival in the coming months, so keep checking back for details!