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Extra! Extra! Get your UKTMF lowdown here!

UK Tech-Metal Fest 2013

In the run-up to UK Tech-Metal Fest this weekend, we’re spending the week running down the bands on the bill day-by-day. Check out some bands you might not have thought about seeing, or see what you’re going to miss by not being there!

Thursday is the “early-bird special”, as it were. Here’s the first day’s listing!


Cambion – 1pm

Opening up the festival are Cambion. Whilst Cullompton isn’t exactly the most recognisable place name on the map, the west country band have something about them nonetheless, playing pounding grouve metal splashed with the kind of bluesy solos on which metal was built. It looks like they

When Our Time Comes – 2pm

North Londoners When Our Time Comes pop something fierece, with their pacey brand of tech metal, and I think they’ll suit the festival well

Subversion – 3pm

There are six members of Subversion, a London/Kent-based melodic tech-metal band, and it makes me wonder if there are just one too many cooks in this lineup. Founded by guitarist/vocalist Kai Giritli, there are a number of elements that aren’t quite working for me, despite praise for their debut EP from the likes of Metal Hammer, Terrorizer and Kerrang. There’s some foley works going on here, which may or may not work in a live setting, and hopefully the vocals are a bit more consistent in person. I don’t want to rag on these guys, as there is something there, but it’s fairly average djent to my ears. Sorry guys.

Murdock – 4pm

Sounding like a mix of The Chariot and The Dillinger Escape Plan, this Irish trio are one of the potential sleeper hits. Guitarist/vocalist Aidan Cunningham channels some serious Josh Scogin at times, and it’s so eyeball-rollingly mosh-worthy that I can see the Thursday early birds being given  a right kick up the jacksy with their set.

Foreboding Ether – 5pm

Margate (that’s right on the Kentish peninsula, if you’re not up on your geography) quintet Foreboding Ether have been “swinging dick since 2007″, which is short-hand for “we know what we’re doing”. Proggy deathcore at its core, it’s not entirely my thing – I’m not a massive fan of the vocal style – but the style is pretty popular at the moment, so they should hit a chord with the crowd.

Bonus: the band’s cover of Disney move Aladin’s “Prince Ali” is NOT to be missed…

Red Enemy – 6pm

Noisy, Irish and angry, Red Enemy have made quite a name for themselves on the live circuit since their formation in 2008, and have played with fellow billees TesseracT and No Consequence, as well as big names like Every Time I DieParkway DriveArchitects and This Is Hell. Monuments’ Olly Steele filled in for them on guitars a couple of years back, and they’re good friends of Murdock (see below), so expect a raw, Gaelic tinge to Thursday’s proceedings.

Black Tongue – 7pm

Hailing from Hull, Black Tongue were only formed at the beginning of this year. Big, beefy and oh so very low, they’re not the most musically intelligent band on the bill, but we get the feeling there might be something more to them on stage – despite a lot of open note chugging. Some of the atmospheric leads on their debut EP Falsifier aren’t too shabby, so might be a surprise, even if you’re not into this style of metal.

Bloodshot Dawn – 8pm

Hailing from Portsmouth, Bloodshot Dawn play a heady mix of death metal and thrash, with a snaffle of seriously groove-oriented solos thrown in for good measure. Although they only released their debut full-length last year after nine years together, their live show is reportedly not to be missed.

Monuments – 9:30pm

With brand new singer Chris Barretto at the helm (see above, centre), Monuments are the star attraction of opening night. Darlings of the British djent scene, their groove-orientated progressive metal bounces along with great energy, and despite a hard start to their career, if they can keep it up they’re definitely going places.

Check back tomorrow for Friday’s rundown!

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