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French post-djent band Uneven Structure show their visual skills once again

Uneven Structure Frost Hail video cap

When I first saw vague word of this video from Uneven Structure, one of Basick Records’ continental contingent, I thought it might have been a new song. Their debut full-length Februus came out in 2011, so it might seem about time for new tunes, but new music this is not.

Fucking hell if it isn’t a stunningly pretty almost-eight minutes though.

Tying Februus‘ second and third tracks together – “Frost” and “Hail” respectively – the video explores further some of the concepts from the video for “Awaken, the album’s opener. Guitarist Igor Omodei says:

[quote-symbol symbol1]Our first video, “Awaken“, was always meant to be followed by “Frost/Hail” and we wanted to finally release it before we completely immersed ourselves in writing and recording our second album. Awaken was about getting used to the characters and getting out of your comfort zone. “Frost/Hail“ is about discovering what’s out there, the rules and hazards defining your world/mind but also the limitless potential lying in taking the risk to confront and bend these.

It’s absolutely breathtaking at times, with strong references to things like The Fountain visible in the strong use of colour and some of the visual elements (floating bodies in ethereal globes, anyone?). Given their beautiful album artwork for Februus this is hardly surprising though; check it out:

Whilst the timing – a couple of years on, remember – may seem odd, there is a purpose. Whilst they are writing the second album, Uneven Structure have also announced they are going to re-release their previous record 8; completely reworked and bundled together in a package with Februus.

8 is something they continue to play live, despite going through a period of growth since its 2009 release, but it’s done so differently now that they wanted to reflect this on record. Speaking of live, the band have a few live dates coming up with the likes of Animals As Leaders, Vildhjarta, The Algorithm and No Consequence, as well as an appearance at UK Tech-Metal Fest 2013

Have Uneven Structure produced a contender for video of the year here? Does it make you excited for new material?

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