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Want to know stuff about the new Uneven Structure album? We gotcha covered

Uneven Structure La Partition studio at-jeans-working-over-vocals

I’m probably not alone in having been hopping from one foot to the other in anticipation of Uneven Structure‘s second album. Februus saw release way back in 2011, and whilst it was a grower more than a shower, it wormed its way into many an ear and it still a genre favourite of the djent scene.

I’m sure that, if you’ve been engaged in the same exercise as me, you’ll be very interested to know what the hold up has been with said album, La Partition, despite the pleasing revisit to debut EP 8 a couple of years ago (which served more purpose than just distracting us from the lack of new tunes – but more on that later).

But wait no(t much longer), friends:


The band recently spoke at length with our brühahas at Heavy Blog Is Heavy, which you are advised to read in full, but here’s a breakdown of the pertinent details regarding La Partition, as it will be known:

The album is one long, ~50-minute song

This should be no surprise where prog is involved, but especially with Uneven Structure; both of their previous releases have been one long piece, but La Partition is touted to be a more organic progression of this format. Thematically, guitarist Igor Omodei likens it to “The Little Mermaid on drugs,” with consistent characters and subject matter.

It has taken so long because of extreme quality control

Until about a year ago, everything the band wrote “sounded like Februus B-sides” – until they all moved to the same area and started spending quality time together writing. It seems easy, in this digital age, to work on music hundreds or thousands of miles apart, but you can’t beat being in the same room as your bandmates, it seems. It sounds like it was just what they needed. The re-release of 8 was an exercise in slate wiping; in shaking off the shackles of the past and getting in the frame of mind to write something new.

It’s heavier, noisier, denser, more diverse…

“We just found a way to use blastbeats in a way that please us”

So La Partition is going to be dark. Again, sort of a given with US, but this sounds like we’ll be plumbing the Stygian depths, both musically and thematically. This is definitely new though; black metal prog? I’m sure it’s been done, but this should be an interesting take – and a lush one at that, given the detail into which the band go on the production side of things.

But there’s lots to hear. There are apparently sludgey tracks, as well as faster, hectic ones. The promise of intimacy is also tantalising. All in all, we can’t wait to hear it.

Make sure to read the full piece on HBIH for details on the writing process and more! La Partition is one of 8 planned releases for Basick Records this year, and on this alone, it could be a very important year for the label and all its bands. We’ll have a breakdown of them all later in the week, so keep and ear out for that.