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A first look at Uneven Structure’s new material

Uneven Structure 2015

Back in February, independent British label Basick Records teased a series of images, pointing to each of the new albums they planned to release this year. We compiled them all into a handy list and set about waiting – fingers waggling with glee – for news to drop.

Of the eight, only two have actually dropped so far – Murdock‘s Dead Lung and No Consequence‘s Vimana – but we’re not holding it against them (even if our fingers are now crooked and barely able to move) because we know each is going to pretty much destroy the competition.

Case in point: this teaser for album three, from French sextet Uneven Structure – and this one is even more gratifying, because we’ve been waiting nearly four years for it. We’ve today been gifted a STONKER of a new song called “Funambule“, right from their forthcoming record La Partition. Bask – loudly:

The most immediate comparison to be drawn, apart from to themselves, is Meshuggah. Now, that’s not always a compliment, but when “Funambule” goes hard, it goes bottom jaw-grimacingly, eye-rollingly hard. In its lighter moments, we get the absolute genius that is Mathieu Romarin’s forceful clean vocals. It’s a fantastic package, and without gushing too much, it’s made us very excited for the new record.

There’s no word on release date yet, but you can get your mitts on “Funambule” via iTunesBandcamp and Spotify. For now, we go back to waiting (im)patiently on word of the remaining five remaining works in progress: Alaya, The Algorithm, Aliases, A Dark Orbit and Chimp Spanner!