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Unto The Lion; right in the thick of it

Unto the lion

The internet really is the gift that keeps on giving. When American multi-instrumentalist Ryan Everett needed a singer for his progressive metal instrumentals, he reached out across the Atlantic and knocked on the cyber-door of Phil Owen of Mancunian UK Tech scene stalwarts Orion. Phil liked what he heard, and the pair have been trading files to bring together their first album.

Operating under the name Unto The Lion, they released “Sonata” in November 2014, a sprawling ten minute prog-metal journey. Now, the band have unleashed “The Eye of the Storm“, the second track to see the light of day from the album, which will be called Elements.  Shorter and more focused than “Sonata“, the track carries a vibe akin to a heavier Skyharbor.

Starting with a gently pulsing atmospherics, it quickly erupts into something altogether weightier.  Phil’s vocals help to tie together the dynamics of the track, soaring over the cleaner sections and screaming bloody murder over the techy riffing. It’s compelling stuff.

But that’s enough from me for now. Let’s let the music do the talking, shall we?

Here’s what the band themselves had to say about the track:

“This song is on the forthcoming album ‘Elements’, a concept album based around the natural elements. This song is part of ‘Air’ and lyrically, is about knowing there is some turmoil or intense event imminently due to happen and having the courage to stand ground, to accept and face it head-on rather than trying to avoid it. It’s conveyed as a storm though and even the structure of the music follows a pattern of a storm passing.”

And for completeness’ sake, if you like what you heard there, here’s “Sonata” too.

No release date has yet been set for Elements, and we imagine that the transatlantic nature of the group means that live performances, if they can happen at all, will be few and far between for the forseable future.  But, nevertheless, Unto the Lion is definitely a name for prog-metal aficionados to keep their eye out for in 2015