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We look at the Die Soft edition of Moonsorrow/Blood Music’s “Heritage: 1995-2008 – The Collected Works” Box Set

Moonsorrow cover

It’s no secret that Blood Music are out to get all the money of every single metalhead on Earth ever. They have been releasing gorgeous LP and CD releases like clockwork lately, including the recent Cloudkicker LPs that were produced completely legally yet without the consent of the artist (thanks to the music’s creative commons license, although donations were made to Cloudkicker as well).

Very soon, Blood Music will be putting out a Moonsorrow boxset titled Moonsorrow “Heritage: 1995-2008 – The Collected Works” Box Set. It contains everything pagan metal legends Moonsorrow did in those years specified including quite a bit of never-before-released material.

Yes, a Moonsorrow boxset, and one the likes of which metal has never seen before. The specs, as per Blood Music:

• All recorded works by Moonsorrow from their inception in 1995 until the year 2008.
• All works specifically remastered for vinyl by Troy Glessner (Devin Townsend Project).
• Twenty-five pieces of new artwork by Rainbath Visual (Deafheaven, Moss) and Nucleart Design (Impaled Nazarene, Setherial), in addition to the original artwork and photographs for all albums.
• Layouts by Travis Smith (Strapping Young Lad, Katatonia, Opeth).
• 14-LPs – the largest metal box set of all-time, containing nearly 8 hours of music on heavyweight 200-gram audiophile virgin vinyl LPs.
• 21 live, demo, unreleased, and rare bonus tracks.
• The first time nearly all of this material has been pressed on vinyl.
• “Suden Uni” (2001) LP in heavyweight gatefold jacket with heavyweight printed insert.
• “Voimasta Ja Kunniasta” (2001) 2xLP in heavyweight triple gatefold jacket.
• “Kivenkantaja” (2003) 2xLP in heavyweight triple gatefold jacket.
• “Verisäkeet” (2005) 3xLP in heavyweight triple gatefold jacket.
• “V: Hävitetty” (2007) 2xLP in heavyweight triple gatefold jacket.
• “Tulimyrsky” (2008) 2xLP in heavyweight triple gatefold jacket.
• “Demos & Rarities” (1995-1999) 2xLP in heavyweight gatefold jacket.
• “Ravaged Road” (2014) feature length – 45 minute – tour documentary DVD, created by the band specifically for the set.
• Every single record pressed on classic black vinyl, matching the dominant color of the set. [EXCLUSIVE TO DIE SOFT EDITION]
• 2-piece, custom-cut, heavyweight box, specially designed and shaped for this set.

So what does this beast look like?

Moonsorrow Die Soft

That is fucking ridiculous. 14 LPs of heathen metal.

This is a huge project, and this shows some serious dedication from both Moonsorrow and Blood Music to get this to happen. This is true passion for giving the fans what they want. The newly re-done artwork is a really nice touch as well. I think I speak for all fans when I say we would have been happy with just the original, but the new art looks incredible.

We’re pleased to exclusively reveal this Die Soft edition of the boxset. There is also the Die Hard edition, the Splatter edition, and the White edition, each of which promises a slightly different package for whatever catches your fancy. The Die Soft is the “bare bones” one for those who don’t have wallets quite deep enough. For the Die Soft, the price is €275 EUR plus shipping or $300 USD plus shipping for USA/Canada only.

I don’t think I can properly convey how much I want this. I almost certainly cannot afford it though, and it is likely to sell out really fast as it is limited to only 100 copies of this version. Pre-orders begin on May 28th at the Blood Music store, and the release is set for some time in late August. Make sure you keep an eye on Blood Music’s Facebook page for updates and for pre-orders.

And some music to send you off with, if you weren’t already crying tears of joy into your kaalikääryleet.

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